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We have spectacular rates of membership that do not compromise the quality of the clubs facilities.

We have a variety of activities to cater for all

Looking for opportunities to play lots of tennis? We have a variety of programmes and tennis events to suit the social player and for those that want a little competition. The Programmes and Competitions pages will without a doubt have what you're looking for. We also have a group of incredibly experienced coaches that between them have coached on every continent, competed to a high level, national to the professional circuit, and toured with professional Tennis players. Their first hand knowledge and experience is unrivalled in the area and they are all bookable for private lessons!

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Why not add us as a friend on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. A perfect way to socialise with club members and arrange social sets and friendly games.

Membership Renewals

Memberships last for 12 months and are renewed from April to April each year (with the exception of the Academy Membership).

Once joined and payment has gone through you can start to use the club immediately! With our 7-day booking system you can always ensure you have a court, floodlights can also be arranged.

Membership to the club also gives you free use of the onsite Gym and you may book sessions with our personal trainer. Please feel free to give us a call on 020 8347 7550 and come down to the club so that a member of staff can show you around.


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